why choose amerisleep? see what our reviews say

Verified customer reviews explain the benefits of buying a memory foam mattress online from Amerisleep, in infographic format.

Why Choose Amerisleep? See What Our Reviews Say

If you are wondering why you should choose Amerisleep, check out this infographic we’ve designed, highlighting our benefits based on customer opinions.

For the numbers, we drew on data from over 120 third-party verified Amerisleep mattress reviews from real owners (via PowerReviews). Here’s a sample of what we found:

  • 97% of customers would recommend Amerisleep to a friend (Wow!)
  • 94% think our mattresses are comfortable (compared to the 80-83% industry average for memory foam)
  • 96% said our mattresses give good support.

What’s more, none of these reviews mentioned anything about heat, off-gassing, or difficulties moving around in bed - not one! Our plant-based memory foam is designed to meet these expectations, with zero toxic VOCs, extreme open cell technology and quick response time, and it looks like owners agree.

We also know that some people can be hesitant to buy a mattress online, so we borrowed some statistics on showroom shopping to compare. Surprisingly, a showroom test drive doesn’t equate to mattress satisfaction. Only 70% of people who buy a mattress online report overall satisfaction, compared to 97% of our customers (have a look at the infographic to learn more).

We pride ourselves on excellent mattresses and great service, so we were quite pleased with the results and hope to keep earning our customers’ approval!

Why Choose Amerisleep? See What Our Reviews Say.

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